La Linia Sandbeige.
La Linia Sandbeige.

Concrete pavers

The right pavers for every project.

Whether rustic or elegant, small or large, fine-blasted or heavily compacted: With the wide range of surfaces, colour variants and shapes, we give architects and planners the leeway they need for their ideas. Our concrete paver meets the necessary technical requirements to support traffic loads, as well as offering hard-wearing surfaces for creative freedom in frequented public areas.

METTEN Editions
METTEN Editions

New worlds in focus. Together with planners and designers, we develop editions to provide new starting points for your open space design.

UMBRIANO // Grained surface

Grained surface with the appearance of sawn natural stone. CleanTop protection CF 90.

La Linia
La Linia // Finely blasted surface

Finely blasted surface with high-quality natural stone chippings.
CleanTop protection CF 90.

Boulevard // Finely ground surface

Premium concrete stone with homogenous, high density surface due to a special manufacturing process.

Palladio // architectural concrete surface

Premium concrete stone with homogenous, high density surface due to a special manufacturing process.

SENZO // architectural concrete surface

Homogenous and very dense architectural concrete surface with a puristic, restrained impression. CleanTop protection CF 100.

Corio EcoTerra
Corio EcoTerra // velvety surface

The best way to achieve more sustainability is to use less cement.


Pavers and slabs with extremely hard-wearing, brilliant high-tech surface. CleanTop protection CF 120.

CUBUS // fine and highly compressed surface

Basic Design. Highly compressed, monochrome surface.

Corio // Velvety surface

Velvety surface with high-quality natural stone chippings. Elegant stone edges with a slight micro-chamfer. CleanTop® protection CF 90.

System Terra
SYSTEM TERRA // smooth structured surface

Concrete pavers with a robust, smooth structured surface.

Il Campo
Il Campo // Unique, specially textured surface

Unique surface with a special structure. Wear-resistant.

Brikk // textured surface

Surface with the impression of a natural stone. CleanTop® protection CF 90.

Corpus // architectural concrete surface

A puristic, untreated concrete stone with five corners in monochrome, combinable shades.

Campino // finely structured surface

Campino® combines the look of natural stone with the functional advantages of concrete block installation.

Pavel // finely structured surface

Unique hardened surface with natural stone character.

Ecological paving
Ecological paving

The ecological paving stone system Aqua is permeable to water and enables the design of unsealed surfaces without loss of aesthetics.

System grande
System grande

Design with large-sized pavers elements.