Cleaning agents and care products


METTEN Außenreiniger removes quickly and thoroughly organic residues such as green growth or natural staining (leaves, blossoms, fruits, etc.) from concrete and natural stones. This is an alkaline product and cleanes with active chlorine compounds. It contains no solvents. METTEN Außenreiniger can be used on all natural and cast stones (granite, marble, sandstone, cotto, ceramic tiles, artificial stones, concrete).

1 liter will yield 5-10 sqm


If you want to impregnate products without CleanTop® protection or natural stones, we recommend METTEN Steinschutz. This special impregnation is water-, grease- and oil repellent and suitable for protection of floor panels, table tops and work tops made of natural stone or concrete stone in the indoor and outdoor use (not suitable for limestone). Pollution will be detained or can be removed much easier, the stone remains breathable. To achieve a durable protection, the stones can be treated with METTEN Steinschutz at regular intervals. Treatment can result in a wet or glossy effect respectively in higher color intensity.

1 liter will yield 8-10 sqm


For ongoing care of natural stones and concrete stones, we recommend METTEN BioSteinpflege. When regularly used, this special product protects the stone.It is free of phosphates, alkalis, waxes and polymers and it is biodegradable.

1 liter will yield 300 sqm (with 3-4 caps to 8 liters of water)

This information should just be a non-binding advice. We ask you to adjust the use of the products to the local conditions and the treatable material. In all cases of doubt try previously on an inconspicuous area.