The internationally sought system for easy to clean, durable concrete paved surfaces.

Easier, less frequent cleaning.

Concrete, as well as natural stone, has fine capillaries which can be penetrated by moisture and dirt. The CleanTop system is part of the production process and therefore permanently bonded in the stone. It protects the stone thoroughly. Depending on the Clean Factor, moisture and dirt cannot infiltrate the stone, or do so only partially. Marks can be quickly and easily removed with water and gentle external cleaning agents. And the surfaces have to be cleaned less often.

Protection with long-lasting effect.

The CleanTop system is part of the production process; the protection penetrates the whole stone and becomes part of it. Unlike other impregnations and coatings, the advantage of CleanTop is that it is intensive to mechanical damage and climatic condition. Colours and surfaces have a durable protective finish; they weather considerably less than uncoated and conventionally coated concrete slabs.

CleanTop's higher resistance to dirt and the reduced time taken in cleaning have been scientifically proven - by a report from the Ruhr University of Bochum. The decision by McDonalds to use our CleanTop products in Germany and Austria, the USA, Sweden and Canada for areas that tend to need intensive cleaning emphasises our technology's advantages.

Tried and tested more than 10 years.

The CleanTop system was developed by Metten Stein+Design more than 10 years ago and has proven itself in practice ever since! CleanTop is used not only in Germany and other European countries, but also in the USA and Canada!

With the highly effective CleanTop system, concrete paving stones are:

• easy to clean
• dirt-repellent
• stain-resistant
• resistant to ageing

Before and after cleaning.

The Clean factors

Clean factors* and their properties

CF 90
CF 100
CF 120
Reduced dirt absorption •• •••
Stains and rests of leaves, coffee, ketchup, mustard, barbecue fat and the like are easier to remove compared to paving, slabs or bricks without CleanTop •• •••
Algae and moss inhibiting •• •••
Colour finished surface  
Enhanced resistance to weathering
Frost- and de-icing salt resistance
Free from lime efflorescence (if professional processed)  
Subsequent impregnation not required

*The higher the Clean Factor (CF), the easier the cleaning.

The CleanTop® Test

In order to visibly demonstrate the low maintenance of a CleanTop surface, we have spread used oil, red wine, coffee, ketchup and mustard on a CleanTop-protected paving stone and on an unprotected paving stone and left it to take effect for several hours. Afterwards the stains were cleaned with soapy water and a brush.

Result: slight residue of used oil, otherwise problem-free removal of all stains from the CleanTop-protected paving stone; residues on the unprotected paving stone.

La Linia with CleanTop® prior to cleaning

La Linia without CleanTop® after cleaning

La Linia with CleanTop® after cleaning

CleanTop® References

Düsseldorf, Germany

The Kölner Straße street in Düsseldorf has been paved with Belpasso® slabs, with La Linia slabs immediately adjacent. After approximately one and a half years of practical experience, Rolf Sander, engineer, Head of the Department for New Road Construction at the Office for Traffic Management of the city of Düsseldorf, had this to say regarding the cleaning quality of Belpasso®: “All of the surfaces of Kölner Straße are cleaned once daily as standard with the same method of a road-sweeping machine and water. It has been found that the CleanTop®surface of the Belpasso® paving slabs gets cleaner, whereas on the remaining non-protected surfaces the dirt often remains adhered and is not removed by sweeping.”

Düsseldorf, Kölner Straße, Belpasso Grigio

Rijswijk, Netherlands

Rob Doesburg, planner and director for constructions of the city of Rijswijk, Netherlands, about Belpasso Premio:

“The place before the library has a fresh radiance even after half a year. Dirt accumulations have less visible effect on the surface compared to traditional paver surfaces. This also applies to the dirtying through chewing gum, which is relatively easy to remove.”

Netherlands: Rijswijk. Belpasso Premio paving Nuvola and Grigio.

Survey report Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Radenberg

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Radenberg, Professor of Traffic Route Engineering at the Ruhr University, Bochum

Survey report for the city of Ratingen:

“In terms of the inputs for the cleaning of paving stones and slabs, among the tested paving elements the Belpasso Premio® paver has a significantly higher dirt resistance. For this paver, a clearly lower input in time and money is to be anticipated for the cleaning.”

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Wil van Schijndel
Stadtplaner Stadt Eindhoven:

“Currently the normally UV-light sensitive colours of green and blue are the basis of this flooring design. Neither residues nor stains must affect the colour quality. Belpasso Premio has therefore been found to be the perfectly suitable paving method, with long-term colour intensity and easy to clean – even for chewing gum.”

City railway Rhein-Ruhr, Duisburg

Comments and user experience on “Belpasso® Premio paving” and "CleanTop®" by Jörg Husarek, Dipl.-Ing. Architect AKNW:

"The platforms of ÖPNV stations are known to be subjected to high requirements by its users. Tenacious stains through chewing gum, drinks (e.g. cola, etc.) are a normal case, but there are very little funds for the cleaning and maintenance.

To preserve these surfaces in a well-kept and attractive condition, the requirement on the quality of the paving material is extremely high.

The platforms of the Duisburg city railway station “St.-Anna-Krankenhaus” were paved with “Belpasso® Premio pavers” in the “Grigio” colour, interspersed with pavers in “Pesto” colour for variety of surface and a colourful accent.

The material precisely fit my aesthetic and creative ideas on the surface structure, colour selection and format.

The technical requirements such as tread safety, mechanical resilience, easy cleaning and low maintenance features were also fulfilled according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

After nearly two years of use – inauguration was in early February 2005 – the platforms are in flawless condition, wears of use almost unrecognisable.

As the paving surfaces are naturally weathered, the platforms are thoroughly cleaned only once a year. In the process the paving is pre-treated with cleansing foam and subsequently given a high-pressure wash with cold water.

Dirt does not penetrate – due to the “CleanTop®” surface – the paver and can be simply rinsed. Even the problematic, strongly adhesive chewing gum is easily removed by the pressure cleaning."


Covered platform,
not cleaned for 2 years

Spray cleaner

Spray-washing surface

Clean surface

Private garden

„Neulich war ich bei einem Kunden, bei dem vor 12 Jahren Pallas-Platten auf der Terrasse verlegt wurden. Auch nach dieser langen Zeit lassen sich die Platten einfach reinigen und sehen hervorragend aus. Deshalb empfehle ich auch weiterhin meinen Kunden die mit CleanTop® geschützten Platten von METTEN.“

Joachim Steen GmbH
Garten- und Landschaftsbau