The advantages of concrete blocks

Concrete represents its flexibility in many different forms. See for yourself of the timeless beauty and the many functional advantages of concrete blocks.

You can form concrete in so many variations. It is resistant, resilient, safe, and can be equipped with extraordinary properties. Innumerable forms, colors and surface structures make concrete one of the most versatile materials.

Environmentally conscious

In particular, you can use water-permeable paving to unseal the floor. This has a positive effect on groundwater recharge and the maintenance of humidity. The climate is also positively influenced. The use of locally available raw materials for the production of concrete blocks protects the environment.

Aesthetically pleasing and variety of colors

Concrete blocks are anything but monotonous. They offer a variety of flexible and individual design options through form, color and surface.


In case of necessary repairs, the stones can be easily paved again. The damaged area does not differ from the surrounding area afterwards.

High resistance

Concrete blocks can withstand even to the highest temperatures. Further characterizing properties are the lasting grip as well as the high resistance, which prevents lane grooves and deformation.

Long-lasting beauty

Long-lasting beauty and easy to clean thanks to surface protection. With CleanTop®, even the most stubborn soiling as oil, red wine or ketchup can be removed more easily.

Resistant to frost and de-icing salt

We welcome Spring – without cracks in the surface of concrete paving. METTEN products are resistant to frost and de-icing salt (except Aquaprima).