The parquet floor for the public space: The stones with 16 centimeter thickness are available in the following dimensions: 50 x 10 cm, 37,5 x 10 cm and 25 x 10 cm. The dimensions enable laying patters, which draws on classic herringbone pattern or strip parquet. This effect at Palladio® is supported by the possibility of combining nine harmonic matching colours. Stadtparkett® is also available in Umbriano®, La Linia® and Boulevard® surfaces. Innovative design, precise contours, monochrome, velvety-looking surfaces and fascinations sizes allows new possibilities for your public space design.

Verlegemuster Halbverband
Laying patterns "1/2 bond"

Verlegemuster Drittelverband
Laying patterns "1/3 bond"

Verlegemuster 2-1-2
Laying patterns "2 - 1 - 2"

Verlegemuster WilderVerband
Laying patterns "random bond"