Montpellier (F), Pierres Vives Building, Concept Design Conceo Stufen.
Montpellier (F), Pierres Vives Building, Concept Design Conceo Steps.

Let your creativity run wild. A new concept, a new design: If creative ideas are so extraordinary that they do not fit in a pattern or cannot be implemented by a serial production, concept design allows almost unlimited possibilities that concrete shows. Whether stair constructions or support elements as custom sizes, radial stair constructions or benches , unusual surroundings for green, entrances to parking garages or water basins – on request we manufacture for your individual needs and planning in private as well as public sectors customized concrete elements. For many years, we have experience and thus a high level of competence in the field of special solutions in concrete. Almost every type of design concept we can implement in different colors and textures to suit your requirements. We will advise you in this regard from starting the planning.