Hennef, Bahnhof - Place Le Pecq, Tocano-Stufen Granitgrau feingestrahlt
Hennef (D), Bahnhof - Place Le Pecq, Tocano-Steps Grey granite blasted

Designed as steps, stairways and terraces - Tocano creates timeless elegance and the characteristic versatility. As block- and angular steps, they are universal applicable and guarantee everywhere a perfect appearance. Depending on the placement, different standard lengths and custom-made designs are available. The optional blasted, ground or smooth velvety surfaces are color-coordinated on the Stein+Design paving and slabs systems. In this way Tocano offers design freedom and enables an integrated and individual design. For a homogenous design over several levels, the block-steps are also available in the NaturDesign of Umbriano. Precisely co-ordinated for the grained Umbriano paving stones and slabs.



  • Very large range of products: block steps, angular steps and pedestal slabs.
  • High quality face-sides by the use of natural stone chippings in combination with a special blasting process.
  • Also available with ground face sides.
  • As a part of the made-to-order production we offer customized solutions.
  • Color-coordinated to the paver and slab systems.
  • Due to different manufacturing processes are color differences possible in made-to-order productions.



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Tocano block-steps 
blasted Size: 40 x 14 cm Standard length: 80, 100, 120 cm. Four blasted sides: 2 heads, step and joint.
Tocano angular steps
landing slabs and other made-to-order productions with blasted sides available on order.

size: 35 x 15 cm, standard-length 100 cm Grained step, embossed joint, head sides plain, joint and head without grain.
Differing length can be cut out of standard-dimensions.
Embossed joints in combination with blasted block-steps against extra-charge Umbriano surface with embossed front only available in size 100 x 35 x 15 cm.

Tocano, DIN EN 13198

Formate   Formate Formate
Tocano angular element 90° Tocano radial-element Tocano angular element 135°