Conturo Einfassungen
Conturo wall elements

Conturo is the harmonic connection between landscape and architecture. With blasted natural stone surface, the wall elements fix small, medium and large slopes, they overcome differences in height, they frame plantings and paths and structure grounds and greens. Contour meets highest claims stylish – it allows a variety of design possibilities when used as standard elements as well as internal and external corners in different colors, sizes and various angles a variety of individual design possibilities. Depending on the use, different standard lengths and made-to-order products are available.



  • High-quality face side due to the use of natural stone chippings in combination with a special developed blasting method in the colors Light-granite and Anthracite. Top and 15 cm at the back are blasted.
  • New design possibilities of vertical plains with structured or nidged surfaces. Top and back are not structured/nidged.
  • Very extensive range through individual customization in different dimensions and colors. Other colors are available on request.
  • Due to their reinforced construction, Conturo - wall panels are stessable up to 5 kn/m² .



Conturo wall elements
Lateral length: 49, 99 cm
Heights: 45, 55, 80, 105, 130, 155, 180, 200 cm
Conturo wall elements are made-to-order products
Additional available:
Exterior- and interior corners 90°,
Exterior- and interior corners 135°,
Finishing convex and concave