Privatobjekt, BelMuro Gravino mit Diagonalstruktur und Tocano-Stufen Granithell
Private object, BelMuro Gravino with diagonal texture and Tocano-Steps Light granite


Freedom of design for every level.

A uniform horizontal and vertical design in the public sector ensures a harmonious impression. Different height levels are connected harmoniously with the step, walling and bordering systems – colour-coordinated with the pavers and slabs in the vicinity. A large range of surfaces, colours, shapes and dimensions permits customized design of the public sector.


Large-sized paving system. Available with blasted surface and very smooth heavy-duty concrete surface.


Wall system with polished, diagonally structured Umbriano surface. CleanTop protection.


Stele-, surround- or wall element. Special method of blasting process.


Steps with blasted and Umbriano surfaces. Block steps, angular steps and pedestal slabs.


Product range of wall-elements with blasted surface.


Multifunctional framing element with very smooth and dense heavy-duty concrete surface.