Düsseldorf, Kö-Bogen, Conceo Granithell gestrahlt
Düsseldorf (D), Kö-Bogen, Conceo Light Granite blasted

Conceo defines areas in a new dimension. This high performance concrete slab with sizes up to 150 x 150 cm allows completely new design possibilities for squares, terraces, stairs and paths. Areas seem to be more spacious and generous; the proportion of joints is significantly reduced. One single size allows designing paths of a piece. Laid in different levels, Conceo elements add up to stairs that seem to float. The very well accessible large-sized slabs are available in two different kind of surfaces, every in two color-shades: With a puristic, elegant, smooth surface in the colors Alpine white or Meteorite anthracite and alternatively with a finely blasted surface with natural stone chippings in the colors granite or anthracite. Conceo slabs are available in the three sizes:150 x 150 cm, 150 x 75 cm and 75 x 75 cm; for designers and architects, any customized size is available on request.



  • Large-sized slab system with high-class viewing surface through the use of natural stone chippings in combination with a specially developed blasting process in a vast range of colors (blasted and velvety)
  • Very fine and dense high performance concrete surface, velvety or acidified. The special surface treatment creates velvety and elegant concrete surfaces
  • The large-sized Conceo slabs in 8 cm thickness are also available as self-supporting slab tread with machine exposed edges. Perfect for designing innovative stair solutions
  • Narrow joints in the surface due to the large sizes
  • Blasted, acidified and velvety surfaces are non-slip


Standard sizes

in cm
in cm
in cm
75 75 8 DIN 1045/EN 206 Eigenschaften
120 120 8 DIN 1045/EN 206
150 75 8 DIN 1045/EN 206
150 150 8 DIN 1045/EN 206

Object sizes

With bevel edge:

PlansizeNominal sizeDIN EN Classification
75 x 75 x 8,0 745 x 745 x 80 DIN 1045/EN 206
150 x 75 x 8,0 1495 x 745 x 80 DIN 1045/EN 206
150 x 150 x 8,0 1495 x 1495 x 80 DIN 1045/EN 206

Conceo is also available in contract manufacturing in any size up to max. 250 x 350 cm.

Laying pattern calculator

Conceo Pattern 01
Conceo Pattern 01

Pattern 01

Number of units per m²:
150 x 75 cm approx. 0,89 units

Conceo Pattern 02
Conceo Pattern 02

Pattern 02

Number of units per m²:
150 x 150 cm approx. 0,44 units

Conceo Pattern 03
Conceo Pattern 03

Pattern 03

150 x 150 cm
150 x 75 cm
75 x 75 cm

The quantity of vertical bond depends on the structural situation. 
Laying patterns and hatching are available on request.


Building instructions for a self-supporting step system

Building instructions for a self-supporting step system with Conceo steps

The Conceo step tread for self-supporting  are available in the standard dimensions 75 x 75 x 8 , 150 x 75 x 8 en 150 x 150 x 8 cm and in other special dimensions on request.

The Conceo step tread are suitable for completely covering in a mortar bed. The steps may have an overhang of maximum  30% of their length resp. width on one or two sides of the foundation. The standard slabs are not suitable for a self-supporting installation on laterally stair strings. The adjuster of the Conceo step tread are machined all-over. Because of aesthetic reasons, the controller of the foundation should be painted dark. Resulting to the shadow effect, they are no longer noticeable.
The foundation of the Conceo step tread is carried out in a similar manner as a standard step tread.  But the covering of the step tread may occur to a completely mortaring.To avoid tensions as a result of different shrinking of foundation and step tread, the substructure should be dried as possible.

For glueing the surface of the foundation and the bottom of the Conceo step a "Primer"is to be needed. We recommend a frost-resistant flexible mortar. For a better adhension the backsides of the step treads are roughened. The layering on footfall sound isolation or other films is not allowed.

For a quicker drainage of the surface, a down grade of 1% is to be provided.

For laying of the Conceo step treads wee recommend use of vacuum laying equipment. The weight of the slabs is addicted to the size, it is from 281 kg up to 551 kg (180 kg / m²) per item. The stairway can be walked-on after curing of the mortar.

Please ask for special solutions, for example slabs with notches, slabs in special dimensions, step systems with large overhangs, slabs with components for an electrical system or slabs with floorboards.