Conceo Platten Köbogen Düsseldorf


The art of design.

Harmonious aesthetics combined with technical perfection: High-quality holistic solutions reflect the quality of life in the city. Our concrete slabs for indoor and outdoor areas which are accessible on foot provide inspiration through their variety and naturalness on the one hand and their technological expertise and the long-lasting protection this guarantees on the other. Selected material in the public sector thus contributes to people’s positive, urbane attitude towards life.


Samtierte® Oberfläche mit hochwertigen Naturstein-Edelsplitten. Elegante Steinkanten mit leichter Mikrofase. CleanTop® CF 90.


Large-sized paving system. Available with blasted surface and very smooth heavy-duty concrete surface.


Grained surface with the appearance of sawn natural stone. CleanTop protection CF 90.

La Linia

Finely blasted surface with high-quality natural stone chippings. CleanTop protection CF 90.


Restrained fine structured. A Metten innovation. CleanTop protection CF 100.


Surface with diagonal structure. CleanTop protection CF 100.