Hildegard Metten und Dr. Michael Metten im Pavillon des METTEN Ideen-Gartens.


Tradition with freshness guarantee.

METTEN products are "Made in Germany", borne by a team of employees from thirteen nations. Our collective action is in accordance with our four core values: openness, honesty, reliability and fairness. Our family business agitates for respect for the uniqueness and the personality of each individual for over 70 years.

We are convinced that special effort occurs in an atmosphere of creativity and hospitality. And with that products which make our world more beautiful and more livable.

Since the formation of the company, we educate skilled workers without interruption. A promising future starts in the present.

Beyond the regional borders of the company, we support the establishment of a training center in Mollahat, Bangladesh, which allows young people a qualified successful career.

And we support the “Waldpiraten-Camp” of the German children's cancer foundation. This camp was specifically tailored to the needs of children with cancer, and offers to the young participants everything that helps to recover from the serious disease and new ways to go.