The consulting process.

Based on our past experience which we have gained during the training of the Umbriano® production process to more than 10 companies, we are able to offer the following services for you:

  • design and optimizing of plant layouts for concrete block manufaturing plants
  • technical and commercial support with regard to the machine and supplier selection
  • analysis of raw materials and optimizing of recipes
  • improvement of product quality
  • implementation of the CleanTop®-Technology
  • introduction of licensed products
  • extensive training of employees in production site in Overath and at your local site
  • support in the realization of marketing materials

The typical steps of METTEN consulting:

  1. meet and exchange about the companies and the market situation.
  2. definition of the desired services.
  3. local sampling with possible licensed products for checking the market situation.
  4. offer for the technical implementation.
  5. integration of additional equipment for licensed products or improved recipes.
  6. extensive training of employees in production site in Overath and at your local site.
Umbriano. A global brand.

Umbriano. A global brand.

Umbriano is worldwide a very successful product. Due to its attractive and very natural surface design, Umbriano is offering new possibilities of designing outdoor spaces whether it is in public or private domain.

The product design as well as the manufacturing process is patented in many countries. 
This helps to avoid copies in the local markets produced by other manufacturers. Of course, the absence of an alternative product is improving the price level for Umbriano during a bidding process.

Umbriano comes with a special CleanTop® surface CF 90 offering your customer a surface protection with unique attributes like "easier to clean".

The range of possibilities using the Umbriano technology is huge. It started as a straight, unchamfered product with the appearance of sawn natural stone and nowadays the range of Umbriano offers modern, innovative sizes like 100 x 100 x 8 cm. In addition a walling system is available as well as more rustic looking pavers with special treated edges.

Metten has already granted licenses to the follwing partners:

  • Birkenmeier Stein+Design (South Germany, Swiss, France)
  • Semmelrock Stein+Design (Austria, Poland, Croatia, Hungary etc)
  • Consent (Dubai, UAE)
  • Metara (Saudi Arabia, future production)
  • Unilock (Canada and US)


Keyfacts of the Umbriano License:

  • Some additional machines are required to be able to manufacture Umbriano on a standard board machine. Which settings are necessary for your plant will be suggested individually based on your plants‘ facilities.
  • License includes a training in Overath for machine operators, learning the production process and the CleanTop® technology.
  • While starting the production at your local site you will be supported by our engineers.
  • Marketing support by using the international pictures of Umbriano for broschures, website etc.
  • Possibility to take part in inter- national Umbriano meetings. We have started these meetings in 2015 sharing a lot of technical experiences. Not only about the Umbriano productions, but also about general topics of our business like „production boards“, „machines“, „moulds“ etc. Our aim is to establish a world-wide network of manufacturing partners sharing advantages of this group.

The Umbriano license consists of a single lump sum for the knowhow transfer and a turnover based royalty combined with a minimum annual fee.


  1. Umbriano is a product which attracts international attention both to architects and private customers. The most beautiful projects are summarized on This website helps to present Umbriano as an international brand, to publicize and to point to references. At the same time it provides each licensee the opportunity to get involved there as well with its projects.
  2. In particular, regarding the technical level the Umbriano network is beyond product-related topics - the international Umbriano meetings are rather technical symposia. Here will be discussed the current technical issues, which are important in the more than 40 plants, which are operated by the Umbriano network members.
  3. In addition to the technical issues in the context of international Umbriano meetings, there is also an intense exchange in all fields of marketing. It starts with the sharing of images, videos, laying instructions and goes to discussions of marketing strategies, for example in the field of social media etc.

It is our aim to establish a world-wide network of manufacturing partners sharing advantages of this group. - more Information, projects