The CleanTop® Test.

In order to visibly demonstrate the low maintenance of a CleanTop surface, we have spread used oil, red wine, coffee, ketchup and mustard on a CleanTop-protected paving stone and on an unprotected paving stone and left it to take effect for several hours. Afterwards the stains were cleaned with soapy water and a brush.

Result: slight residue of used oil, otherwise problem-free removal of all stains from the CleanTop-protected paving stone; residues on the unprotected paving stone.


La Linia mit CleanTop® vor der Reinigung

La Linia with CleanTop® prior to cleaning

La Linia ohne CleanTop® nach der Reinigung

La Linia without CleanTop® after cleaning

La Linia mit CleanTop nach der Reinigung

La Linia with CleanTop® after cleaning