CleanTop® Steinschutz von METTEN Stein+Design

CleanTop®. The internationally sought system for easy to clean, durable concrete paved surfaces.

Easier, less frequent cleaning.

Concrete, as well as natural stone, has fine capillaries which can be penetrated by moisture and dirt. The CleanTop system is part of the production process and therefore permanently bonded in the stone. It protects the stone thoroughly. Depending on the Clean Factor, moisture and dirt cannot infiltrate the stone, or do so only partially. Marks can be quickly and easily removed with water and gentle external cleaning agents. And the surfaces have to be cleaned less often.

Protection with long-lasting effect.

The CleanTop system is part of the production process; the protection penetrates the whole stone and becomes part of it. Unlike other impregnations and coatings, the advantage of CleanTop is that it is intensive to mechanical damage and climatic condition. Colours and surfaces have a durable protective finish; they weather considerably less than uncoated and conventionally coated concrete slabs.

CleanTop's higher resistance to dirt and the reduced time taken in cleaning have been scientifically proven - by a report from the Ruhr University of Bochum. The decision by McDonalds to use our CleanTop products in Germany and Austria, the USA, Sweden and Canada for areas that tend to need intensive cleaning emphasises our technology's advantages.

Tried and tested more than 10 years.

The CleanTop system was developed by Metten Stein+Design more than 10 years ago and has proven itself in practice ever since! CleanTop is used not only in Germany and other European countries, but also in the USA and Canada!

With the highly effective CleanTop system, concrete paving stones are:

• easy to clean
• dirt-repellent
• stain-resistant
• resistant to ageing



laubreste gereinigt

Before and after.

The Clean factors.

Clean factors* and their propertiesCleanFaktor
CF 90
CF 100
CF 120
Reduced dirt absorption •• •••
Stains and rests of leaves, coffee, ketchup, mustard, barbecue fat and the like are easier to remove compared to paving, slabs or bricks without CleanTop •• •••
Algae and moss inhibiting •• •••
Colour finished surface  
Enhanced resistance to weathering
Frost- and de-icing salt resistance
Free from lime efflorescence (if professional processed)  
Subsequent impregnation not required

*The higher the Clean Factor (CF), the easier the cleaning.