Umbriano Granitgrau-weiß
Umbriano Grey-anthracite textured
La Linia and Boulevard special color
Senzo Sand
LaLinia Sandbeige
Palladio 11.05 und 13.03
Umbriano Grey-anthracite textured
Umbriano Grey-anthracite textured
Boulevard Grassano and Nardo
Conceo Exposed concrete grey
Umbriano Grey-anthracite textured

Create habitat.

Whereon we stand and go makes a contribution to our quality of life – often inconspicuous but significant. Metten Stein+Design stands for highest claim of technology and aesthetics concerning the development and production of pavers and slabs. You are invited to experience our impressions of public places, paths, terraces and gardens.


Concrete paving for heavily frequented areas, squares and streets.


Concrete slabs for indoor and outdoor areas which are accessible on foot.

Steps and Wallings

Step, walling and bordering systems, colour-coordinated with pavers and slabs in the vicinity.